Director Matt Reeves confirms Ben Affleck is still Bostonian Batman


Because the world wants Flixist to create a true clusterfuck label, here we go again.

If one searches back through our Ben Affleck Flixist timeline, one finds the following posts:

We can conclude several things from this: never believe anything you read. Never believe anything Ben Affleck says. Never believe anything Matt Reeves says. So, really, we shouldn’t believe Matt Reeves this time when he says that Ben is definitely playing Batman in the new standalone DCU Batman film. Because Ben’s directing and starring, but not directing any longer, and Matt Reeves may be taking over, but Ben’s definitely trying not be Batman now that he’s finally Batman, and Matt, being a fickle fellow who follows others easily has decided he doesn’t want to direct the movie either, thank you Mr. Affleck!, only, just kidding Ben, it was a fake-out to make you really, truly give it up so that he could have it all to himself! (you just got Reevesed!), and because Ben also likes to follow others, well, he’s back in the saddle too!

The DC Cinematic Universe is really getting its shit together, isn’t it? Let’s all take a moment to sigh / bang our heads into a wall / hold our breath / scream at the top of your lungs / close our eyes and hope it all just goes away / swear off comic movies forever / give up.



[via IGN]