Director’s cut of Nightbreed screening in LA & Chicago


If you’re a fellow Clive Barker fan, you’ve likely heard about the restoration of Nightbreed, the 1990 adaptation of his novel Cabal. The theatrical release of the film was severely cut by the studio, and the resulting movie was still good, but always felt like something was missing. The restored “Cabal Cut” of Nightbreed contains around 50 minutes of extra footage (including a music number!) and was assembled from VHS work prints.

Previously shown at the Mad Monster Party in March, “The Cabal Cut” will be screened on June 10th at the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles and July 13th at the Portage Theater in Chicago. The Chicago screening will be a double-feature of “The Cabal Cut” and Hellraiser. You can help support an official release of “The Cabal Cut” of Nightbreed by signing this petition and by visiting Occupy Midian.

I’ve been a Clive Barker fan for more than 16 years and hope there’ll be an NYC screening of “The Cabal Cut” in the not too distant future. I also hope Barker is doing well and getting stronger following his major health scare. Back in February, he fell into a week-long coma after an accidental blood poisoning at a dental visit. Here’s to you, Clive, and be well. The third Abarat book, Absolute Midnight, is sitting on my summer reading stack as I type this; and like any good Barker fan, I patiently await The Scarlet Gospels and the third Book of the Art.

[Via Twitch and Revelations: The Official Clive Barker Resource]

Hubert Vigilla
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