Dirty Dancing reboot now has a writer


Sometimes you hear about these bottom-of-the-barrel reboots and figure they won’t actually happen. There are times these projects are mercifully abandoned and we can breathe a sigh of relief. This is not the case with the Dirty Dancing reboot. Lionsgate has Maria Maggenti attached to write the script, as well as Kenny Ortega to direct. It looks like this one’s going ahead for sure. Interestingly, current fashion is very similar to that of the late 80’s, so the reboot probably won’t look terribly different from the original.

Of course, if the Footloose reboot completely bombs, this one might go under, as well; the audiences are pretty similar. I have a feeling they’re both going to do pretty well, though, since fans of romantic dance movies probably aren’t going to brush off a modernized version of one of their favorite movies. I mean, real talk: if this movie does go through, I’m definitely taking my mom to see it. That’s just a thing you don’t pass up on.

[Via Deadline]