Dirty Dozen remake in the works with David Ayer


Continuing the Hollywood tradition of revisiting what once worked, Warner Bros has announced today that it’s in the process of remaking The Dirty Dozen, Robert Aldrich’s classic and influential 1967 film starring every ’60s tough guy at the service of the toughest of toughs, Lee “Cat Ballou” Marvin.

Helming the remake is David Ayer, the director best known for World War II grit-fest Fury and… Suicide Squad. Ayer currently has the Shia LaBeouf-led crime film The Tax Collector set for release sometime next year, and acts as an executive producer on the Suicide Squad quasi-sequel Birds of Prey. Longtime X-Men producer Simon Kinberg will produce the remake.

The original Dirty Dozen starred Lee Marvin, Charles Bronson, Jim Brown, Ernest Borgnine, George Kennedy, and a slew of other Hollywood icons in a World War II adventure film centered around a crack team of soldiers comprised of convicted felons. Hence the “dirty” part. It would be a huge success and a source of inspiration for generations to come.

No casting or release information is available for Ayer’s Dirty Dozen, with the project seemingly just getting off the ground.

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