Discover The Forest with this new Lorax PSA


Man, the animation for The Lorax looks beautiful, doesn’t it? In what will almost certainly be condemned as child brainwashing by conservative groups, upcoming kid’s movie The Lorax (based off of the classic Dr. Seuss book) has teamed up with the USDA Forest Service for a brand new public service announcement encouraging kids to go out and “discover the forest.” Below is the same video in Spanish, as well as a poster for the PSA.

As someone who grew up playing in the backwoods of Midwestern Illinois, I fully support kids going out and having fun in nature. Maybe, just maybe, conservative pundits will realize that this PSA is totally harmless and simply encouraging healthy habits for children… then again, they did hate The Muppets, which is virtually impossible for anyone who has a heart.

[Via Collider]

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