Disney also making a live action Pinocchio


Cartoons are getting live action remakes so often, we’re going to need a new term for it. I’m thinking “live-actioning.” Not the easiest word to say, but I’ll just keep using it until someone suggests a better one (do so in the comments, please!). Anyhoo, Disney is “live-actioning” Pinocchio, a story about a guy who builds a puppet son, cries a bit, the puppet comes to life and no one questions it, the puppet cries a bit, then the puppet becomes a real boy and everything. 

Whether or not it’s based off of Carlo Collodi’s original novel The Adventures of Pinocchio is uncertain, but hopefully it’s not because the last live action film based on that was absolutely horrifying. You’ll never look at young Jonathan Taylor Thomas the same way again. Oh, and Disney once tried it with Mickey Rooney, I think. 

But N*Sync did it first, you guys. 

[via Deadline]