Disney and Marvel’s animated Big Hero 6 gets release date


Back when Disney bought out Marvel (and reinvigorated comic book movies) we were all wondering if any property would get the Pixar treatment (or at least hoping Spider-Man would show up in Kingdom Hearts). While it’s not Pixar but Disney Animation (which is still just as good), Big Hero 6, the Marvel superhero team sanctioned by the Japanese government, becoming the first Disney animated Marvel property is a huge deal. 

According to The LA Times, the film adaptation (directed by Dan Hall of Winnie the Pooh fame, who took the job because Big Hero 6 doesn’t have a rabid following) will follow Hiro Hamada (the genius child who joins the team to save Tokyo from Everwraith) and his robot as they join Big Hero 6. It seems like the biggest change for the film is its setting, which aims to blend both Western and Eastern sensibilities, as it merges San Francisco and Tokyo into the futuristic San Franstokyo. And while the whole thing is being taken care of by Disney Animation, Joe Quesada (also known as the dude who both ruined and saved Spider-Man for awhile ) helped along with the early parts of the project. 

Consider me interested. From the LA Times article, is seems all sorts of love went into the project.  I put one of the concept art pieces in the gallery to show a little of what Hall wants to do with the film. There’s a video too that teases the film’s animation style. Unfortunately I couldn’t embed the video here (as it it is exclusive to The LA Times), but click here to see it. It’s a short, thirty second tease of San Fransokyo complete with hot trolley action. Big Hero 6 releases November 7th next year.

[via Hero Complex]