Disney CEO address Gina Carano situation, states company stands for ‘Values That Are Universal’


It’s been roughly one month since actress Gina Carano was fired by her agency and removed from The Mandalorian for comments she made on social media. I was hoping that would be the end of the story, but it seems people are still curious about what went down and whether or not Disney had any input in the matter. During an investor meeting today, Disney CEO Bob Chapek addressed the issue and gave a statement regarding the company’s policy.

Chapek noted that Disney stands “for values that are universal: Values of respect, values of decency, values of integrity and values of inclusion. And we seek to have the content that we make reflective of the rich diversity of the world we live in. And I think that’s a world we should all live in harmony and peace.” He also noted that he doesn’t view the company as left or right-leaning, but more universal in its views.

While not directly stating if Disney made the call to remove her from its programing, Chapek certainly seems behind the decision. There’s no reason why he shouldn’t be, either. Carano hardly assaulted anyone, but her views were reprehensible to certain groups of people. Disney doesn’t want that kind of attention focused on its shows, so she got the boot. It really shouldn’t be hard to understand that, but I guess accountability doesn’t matter to some.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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