Disney decides against Muppets series for Disney+


It looks like Disney is going to be practicing restraint with the series it orders for Disney+ (unlike a certain competitor). In a new report from Deadline -confirmed by producer Josh Gad-, Muppets Live Another Day won’t be getting picked up for an eventual season on Disney’s streaming service. The show was given a pilot order for a potential adaptation but was dropped after a discrepancy between the writing team and Disney executives.

Gad took to Instagram to lament about the decision to leave. “After a little over a year and a half of working on a project called Muppets Live Another Day, @adamhorowitzla #eddykitsis and I have decided, with a heavy heart, to walk away,” the star wrote. “Some times creative differences are just that.” Gad also took the chance to share some details about what the project would have entailed.

“The project, with original songs by Bobby Lopez and Kristen Lopez was to be directed by the great Jason Moore, (director of Avenue Q and Pitch Perfect). It was meant to be a limited event series that picked up a year after Muppets Take Manhattan and was essentially about what happens after you’ve reached the end of the rainbow.” The project would have been a six to eight-episode mini-series that placed The Muppets back in the 1980s to comment on our love for nostalgia. It would have wrapped up with the iconic critters coming to the present day.

At least this isn’t the end for The Muppets. The crew will be appearing on Disney+ in a short-firm, skit based show called Muppets Now. It may not be a loving tribute to the past, but Kermit will get another chance to shine his light on the world.

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