Disney delays both Soul and Raya by a few months


As with basically every other film currently in production, Disney has delayed both Pixar’s Soul and its own Raya and the Last Dragon by a few months due to the coronavirus pandemic. Soul was originally scheduled for a June release, but it now taking Raya’s spot on November 20, 2020. Raya has been pushed to next year and will open on March 12, 2021.

The delay is a pretty big blow for Pixar. Its earlier 2020 film, Onward, could be considered a box-office bomb due to releasing just before the pandemic became a widespread issue. People already weren’t seeing it, but then government suggested self-isolation kept people away even longer. It will be interesting to see if its digital release (and eventual Disney+ push) helped recover costs. Regardless, the studio is likely not wanting to repeat the same scenario by releasing Soul too early.

Raya is more a case of Disney being cautious. With practically every film by the company hit with some kind of delay, the extra time should ensure that no production issues are encountered.

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Peter Glagowski
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