Disney Developing Live Action Mulan


Amy always hated the boardroom. It had the smell of cheap air freshener mixed with expensive furniture, the only trace of the minimum wage cleaners who worked tirelessly through the night so she could work tired during the day. The men around her seemed almost too comfortable. Perhaps they too could smell the lie their lives were built upon, and it terrified them to the core, so they dedicate their energy to acting like everything is fine.

Her boss took a seat – ten minutes late, of course – and looked at the agenda. Live Action ‘Mulan,‘ was written in the number one. “Right folks,” her boss said with his oh so sickly smile, “let’s get down to business.”

Amy laughed, because the truth was, as awful as this room made her feel, she loved that she was one of the few allowed inside. Maybe that made her the biggest hypocrite of all. Maybe it didn’t mean anything. And maybe it didn’t even matter at all.

That Cinderella movie is making all the money, so they’re gonna make a Mulan one! And as much as I love to mock the churning capitalist machine that’s pumping out these remakes (I really, really do), I’m actually pretty excited to watch the film that’ll come out the other end. 

Just so long as they don’t, y’know, whitewash it all to hell.

[via The Mary Sue]