Disney finally confirms Indiana Jones 5 with Spielberg and Ford


We’ve heard rumblings, but no full confirmation, of a new Indiana Jones movie since Disney bought out Lucasfilms, but it’s been very slow going and after the oddness that was Crystal Skull it wasn’t really clear if anyone wanted one at all. Disney believes we do and they believe we want Stephen Spielberg to direct it and Harrison Ford to star in it. 

Word on the street was originally that Jones would be recast with a younger actor, going the way of Bond, since the idea of continuing the franchise with Shia Labeouf fell through. However, this news confirms that Ford will be playing Jones once again despite being 77 by the time film releases July 19, 2019. That’s a really old Jones. Of course Ford was a fantastic really old Han Solo and if they bring in some fresh blood like they did for Force Awakens he could pass the baton off before being… well, you know how Star Wars went.

No surprise that Spielberg is back since he’s directed every one, but it’s a little less exciting since he barfed out Crystal Skull. Still, Disney brought back Star Wars so I have some faith they can bring Jones back into greatness.

[via THR]

Matthew Razak
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