Disney+ goes back to The Sandlot with new TV series


With all the Disney+ announcements today, it is easy to get caught up in all the Marvel and Pixar news, but what about the glory that is The Sandlot? This 1993 film has become a cult classic to some and a lot of baseball fans grew up with it. The story of Scotty Smalls and his friends has a timeless feel to it somewhat akin to Stand By Me. I’m aware someone out there thinks I’ve just committed blasphemy, but hear me out. It dealt with a kid moving to a new town and finding friends through a game he’d never played before and the lost ball vortex that was the yard of The Beast. Baseball has always had that impact for some and it has a special place in the heart of a generation. With this in mind, the announcement of a TV series following this film is exciting.

The story is said to focus on the children of the original characters and it will be set in the 1980s. This alone sounds like the groundwork for a fun show, but what makes it better is that some of the actors from the original movie are said to be reprising their roles for the upcoming show. The original director and co-writer, David Mickey Evans, is also on board to write and produce the series. There is also talk of a prequel to the original movie, but only the TV series is confirmed thus far. It is unknown when it would premiere only that it will be a Disney+ exclusive.


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