Disney has reportedly delayed the Hawkeye series


According to a report from Charles Murphy, Marvel Studios has put its Hawkeye Disney+ series on indefinite delay. Set to premiere in July of 2021, production has hit some kind of snag and Marvel is moving forward with other projects in the mean time. As the blog stresses, star Jeremy Renner hasn’t been removed and will still be portraying his MCU character when the show does materialize.

There could be any number of reasons for this delay, though. The first issue that comes to mind is the recent trouble Renner has had with his ex-wife. Various gossip sites have been reporting about his abusive nature and a messy narrative is complicating things around the star. Disney might be playing the waiting game to let things blow over before going all-in on Hawkeye.

This delay could also be to line up a supporting cast for the show. It was originally reported that Hailee Steinfeld was in consideration for the role of Kate Bishop (a protege of Hawkeye), but her new series on Apple TV+ is creating scheduling conflicts. The report states that Disney is still considering her, but may need to move forward if things don’t pan out.

So, yeah, Hawkeye won’t be airing anytime soon. I don’t think it’ll be controversial to say this, but no one likes Hawkeye. If Marvel can take some time to develop this into an actually engaging show, then I welcome the delay.

EXCLUSIVE: Marvel Studios ‘HAWKEYE‘ Series Delayed Indefinitely [Murphy’s Multiverse]

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