Disney+ is coming for your monthly subscription money


In the battle for streaming supremacy, there can never be enough competitors. Or maybe there can be, but that doesn’t stop others from jumping in the pool. In a move long time coming, Disney officially announced its entry into the subscription service industry. Bundling together Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+, the megacorp is making available not one, but three company-owned services in one neat little $12.99 a month package. 

Separately, the three services tally up to—at minimum—$17.97 per month, so the bundle saves a nice five-spot to put towards coffee or avocado toast or whatever expenditures Millenials get blamed for spending too much money on. Given the abundance of Disney’s available category, there’s no shortage of content in and of itself. Toss in Hulu and ESPN+ and the quantity and quality of the deal are almost too good to pass up. 

The aforementioned category Disney possesses is too large to list and would only serve to up the word count of this piece, so that isn’t going to happen (you’re welcome, payroll). The main boasting points of the Mouse are posted on their Disney+ site, which includes the likes of Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney IP. With this bundle, subscribers will receive the ad-induced version of Hulu, at least until Disney offers an ad-free package. ESPN+ launched in April of 2018 and offers customers access to specialty programming intertwined with UFC, boxing, and other sporting events across multiple leagues. 

While Disney+ is not yet available, the countdown is on for the November 12th release in the States. With a pricepoint that aggressively competes against the likes of its competitors and a library that is immediately chock-full of overwhelming options, Disney+ is ready to take on the competition, including Apple TV+ (what’s with the deal with the + usage?) also due out this fall. With Netflix reporting a subscriber drop in quarter two, the grip once held is slipping. With two entrants incoming, who’s going to win the newcomer fight: a Mouse or an Apple?

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Nick Hershey