Disney is planning 10 more Star Wars movies, leading to state of perpetual war


Disney acquired Lucasfilm back in 2012 for $4 billion, and they’re going to make that golden goose keep giving until it’s spent (at which point they’ll make Star Wars foie gras). An inside source with the company said that there are 10 Star Wars movies currently in the pipeline, and that The Force Awakensstellar performance at the box office “has given executives much to think about.”

“So many characters’ back-stories and futures can now be brought to life,” the source said. “When these ideas came from George Lucas 40 years ago, technology was lagging behind. Now they can be turned around in a year.”

It’s unclear if these 10 movies include the five other Star Wars films currently announced, confirmed, in development, or underway (Episode VIII, Episode IX, Rogue One, Young Han Solo, and Boba Fett). The Metro notes that director A.J. Edwards (The Better Angels) suggested a Mace Windu-centric film may be in the works during a Reddit AMA.

It’s also unclear what this state of perpetual Star Wars means for our nation and the studio industrial complex.

Disney’s taken a similar longview approach with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it should come as no surprise they’d want to keep getting that sweet Star Wars money. Yet part of me feels like this could make Star Wars feel less special–just another franchise in the superhero mold rather than these discrete sets of trilogies and stories. If this glut of new Star Wars movies winds up being consistently enjoyable, I may wind up singing a different tune, but maybe there’s too much of a good thing.

But hey, at this point, it’s about the merchandising. And I just want my Star Wars The Flame Thrower.

What do you think about loads more Star Wars movies? Is it like overeating at a buffet, or is this something that you want? Let us know in the comments.

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