Disney jumps the gun, announces new Pixar film in 2013


Just in time for this week’s release of Cars 2, Disney has announced a November 17, 2013 release date for Pixar’s…something. There’s actually no name attached to this project. Besides the upcoming Brave and Monsters University, Pixar was reportedly working on another film led by Monsters, Inc. and Up director Pete Docter, so this could be that project, but without any confirmation, we’ve got a release date tied to a movie that no one knows anything about. I don’t know about you, but I am pumped.*

What’s notable about this release date is that it means there will be two Pixar films in 2013. The animation giant has typically released one film a year since 2006, and had even more downtime between films in prior years. This means that this untitled film might be pitted against its sibling Monsters University (June 21, 2013) for Best Animated Feature at the following year’s Oscars. If Pixar pumps out two amazing films in one year, the only solution in my mind will be to give the Oscar to both films.

*Who am I kidding, I can’t be ironic when it’s Pixar. Just take all my money now.

[Via Collider]