Disney Lone Ranger isn’t quite dead, apparently


We heard the other day that Disney’s Lone Ranger movie starring Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp was being put on hold due to “budgetary concerns”, because the filmmakers were asking for $250 million dollars to make it. Yeah. I know. We all thought that was the last we would hear about the project for a while, maybe forever.

But no! Reportedly the director of the project, Gore Verbinski, is planning on making adjustments to the budget and whittle it down to a sensible $215 million. Bargain! For more details on what exactly is being cut – and left in – to make this project’s budget where it is, (did someone say “werewolves”?!) check out below the jump!

[Via /Film]

Okay, so here’s the rundown:

  • First, Gore Verbinski and Jerry Bruckheimer are both taking a pay cut, saving the budget around $10 million. Cue raised eyebrow.
  • Second, the reported “werewolves and other supernatural creatures” that were in the last draft of the script (really) are now cut. Thank God.
  • Lastly, as of now there are three “massive action set pieces involving trains” in the current script. Which could be cool. At least train action sequences make sense for the genre, but are they really going to be worth $100 million dollars?

Right now the project seems to be on uncertain ground – stay tuned for more Lone Ranger updates!