Disney nearly tops $1 billion with four different movies this weekend


Disney was so close and yet so far this weekend. The very nearly had 3 movies in the top ten cross the $1 billion global box office line. Both Spider-Man: Far From Home (partly a Sony release) and Aladdin crossed the threshold this weekend, and both The Lion King and Toy Story 4 are set to do it very soon. The former of which won the box office again this week with $75.5 million. 

While that’s a lot to cheer about if you’re Disney, it’s fun to rain on their parade a bit and point out the very hard drop that The Lion King took. The movie opened the biggest of Disney’s live-action remakes but the fall was larger as well. That could just be a result of the big opening weekend or maybe the film won’t have any legs under it due to the tepid response from critics to it.

Meanwhile, Quentin Tarantino had his biggest opening ever with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The film may not have much drive after this because of its rating and niche audience for Tarantino films but it’s already a hit as is.

1. The Lion King – $75,524,000
2. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – $40,350,000
3. Spider-Man: Far From Home – $12,200,000
4. Toy Story 4 – $9,872,000
5. Crawl – $4,000,000
6. Yesterday – $3,000,000
7. Aladdin – $2,788,000
8. Stuber – $1,679,000
9. Annabelle Comes Home – $1,560,000
10. The Farewell – $1,553,864

Matthew Razak
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