Disney no longer making Tron 3


Although Tron Legacy performed well on home video and seemed to strike a chord with fans, it just didn’t become the grand reboot Disney wanted it to be. Stories of Tron 3’s possible existence have been floating around since then, but it’s been stuck in an indefinite development hell. At least now we know one way or the other. According to THR, after Tomorrowland failed to take off at the box office (and reading Matt’s review, it’s with good reason), Disney has put the kebosh on the series.

It makes a lot of sense. Though this’ll probably sting, if Disney didn’t capitalize on all the good faith brought on by Legacy and produce a sequel within a quicker window, there’s no way it was ever going to happen. Basically, it’s like anti-Pirates of the Caribbean in that its success is completely tied into how much folks actually pay attention. Oh well. 

[via THR]