Disney+ Obi-Wan series reportedly on hold


We may be waiting quite a while for the scheduled Obi-Wan Kenobi series to surface. According to some unnamed sources close to Collider and The Hollywood Reporter, Disney has put the yet to be named Ewan McGregor starring series on indefinite hold for the time being. The crew assembled at Pinewood Studios in London was recently set home and told the show would be down for some time. This comes after last week’s rumor that the show had been canned entirely.

According to these sources, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy wasn’t happy with the scripts for the show. As Collider writes, the writers are going to start reworking them soon and should be ready to reassemble in the summer. THR is saying that Lucasfilm has completely dumped the current scripts and is on the hunt for a new writer. It seems there is trouble in paradise after all.

Kennedy’s hesitation might be a response to the rather negative fan reception of The Rise of Skywalker. Despite that film earning over $1 billion at the global box-office, the reputation of Star Wars is at an all-time low. Fans always bicker about Star Wars, but Disney likely doesn’t want the perception around the series to remain unfavorable. Obi-Wan is one of the few things people enjoyed in the prequel trilogy, so nailing this series is crucial.

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