Disney+ has surged to nearly 95 million subscribers


As if you needed more reason to hate mega-corporations, the Walt Disney Corporation has announced that its streaming service Disney+ has amassed nearly 95 million subscribers in its first year and some change. A little over two months ago, the house of mouse revealed that the pandemic was very kind to its subscription offering, totaling up 86.6 million users and completely smashing four-year expectations. I suppose Disney is filled with glee at today’s news.

Due to how extraordinary the growth of Disney+ has been, the company is now predicting it will have around 230-260 million subscribers by November 2024. At the current rate it is growing, it could honestly have that by next summer. That will be helped by the fact that Disney+ is now available in every planned country, cutting down on the desire for people to pirate shows like The Mandalorian and WandaVision.

For comparison, Netflix currently has around 204 million subscribers to its service. Having been around since 1997 as a mail-order service, the company made the smart move to pivot to digital streaming in 2007 and enjoyed unchecked growth as other companies held onto physical media. With pretty much every corporation now eyeing a piece of the pie, it seems the company will soon be bested by Disney. I suppose that’s the power of nostalgia at work.

Source: CNBC

Peter Glagowski
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