Disney predicting losses of $150 million for Lone Ranger


Since no one other than Liz seems to have seen Disney’s The Lone Ranger (you should read her excellent Tonto discussion), you shouldn’t be surprised that the film is performing poorly at the box office. In fact the film is doing so poorly, several “notable” analysts (according to The Hollywood Reporter) note losses between 150-190 million: 

The Lone Ranger opened to only $48.9 million for the full period, versus the $60 million vicinity that had been expected prior to this week…Even with some benefit from Johnny Depp overseas, the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced film is now apt to generate a $150 million vicinity write-off for Disney — still less than John Carter‘s $200 million…It was the weekend’s lone misfire, and based on our math, could be pacing for a $190 million write-off.

While the rest of the article is stock mumbo jumob, the takeaway is that even if Disney takes the hit, none of the analysts say that you should avoid buying its stock (which means its not in trouble). In fact, Disney could take even more of these hits as Variety reports that one crazy analyst is predicting a 1.3 billion (that’s right with a B) dollar pull for Star Wars: Episode VII. So…Disney sleeps on top of a pile of money with many beautiful ladies.

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