Disney Punch combines Disney and Zack Snyder bad-assery

Disney Punch Trailer (Sucker Punch parody)

I’ve never been much into the whole Disney princess scene. Maybe it’s due in part to the fact that I have  penis, but that whole section of Disney seemed rather tame and obnoxious to me. I, by all means, am not a feminist, but the whole “be pretty and wait for a rich prince to come and whisk you away” sort of rubs me the wrong way. Like Jenika pointed out in her Princess Review of Snow White, their lesson of reliance and vanity has helped raised a generation of hopeless romantics with daddy issues who are taught to get by on their looks and nothing else (side note: for some reason I always find myself dating these type of damaged women). Either way, it’s my belief that every single Disney princess is a useless leech. Well, except Mulan, she’s pretty bad ass.

So imagine my glee that youtube user forensicator8 took these spineless women and added a dash of Zack Snyder bad-assery to make Disney Punch, a recreation of the Sucker Punch traier using Disney characters. It’s got all the same things that makes the Sucker Punch trailer awesome as well the whimsical beauty that is Disney animation.

Now by all means I’m not implying that Sucker Punch is a step foward in gender equality. After all, it has smoking hot babes fighting in promiscuous outfits using guns and swords. It’s obviously geared toward the male demographic, but who am I to complain that I get to watch the likes of Jamie Chung kick ass half naked for 2 hours plus.

See, I told you I’m not a feminist.