Disney releases first clip of Beyonce as Nala


Here her roar! Well, not really but today we got to finally hear Beyonce voice Nala in Disney’s upcoming live-action remake of The Lion King. In a short new spot promoting the upcoming iconic classic film set to roar back into theaters next month, Beyonce can be heard telling Simba to “take his place as king” and “come home”.The animation is not particularly remarkable and Nala seems almost expressionless, her eyes just seem dead. I am of course comparing this with the animated original back in the early ’90s, but I believed the emotion so much more back then compared to now. 

Check out the clip below and decide for yourself.

#TheLionKing "Come Home"

For what really should be exciting audiences into seeing this film come to life once again, it seems to do just the opposite. I will, of course, have to wait until I hear Beyonce’s full performance as the Adult Nala but right now I am far from impressed. In the clip, we also see more footage of Scar, and Timon and Pumba ( Don’t even get me started on them).  Disney sure loves its live-action remakes and only time and box office numbers will tell if this one lives up to the original. You can check it out on July 19th when The Lion King makes its return to theaters worldwide.

Hear Beyoncé’s Nala for the first time in new The Lion King teaser [Entertainment Weekly]

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