Disney remembers that physical media exists, is releasing five Pixar films on UHD Blu-ray


Even with streaming being the future and Disney putting almost everything on Disney+, the company has announced that it will be releasing five Pixar films on UHD Blu-Ray. Technically available yesterday, the movies in question are Wall-E, Up, Monsters Inc, Monsters University, and A Bug’s Life. Sort of strange that two of the best Pixar movies ever weren’t already on 4K Blu-Ray, but at least that crime has been reversed.

If you happen to still want discs laying around your house, Best Buy has some exclusive steelbook cases you can grab for each film. The Wall-E one, in particular, is outstanding looking. I’m also a sucker for steelbooks, so maybe I’m biased…Wall-E is still the best Pixar film.

Anyway, the technicals of each package reveal that there is at least some reason to upgrade your current discs. You’ll not only receive the film with a 4K master (which may or may not be an upconverted 2K master), but you’ll get the traditional 1080p Blu-Ray disc, a 4K digital copy of the film redeemable on Movies Anywhere, and a Dolby Atmos surround mix for the audio. That’s a pretty nice upgrade.

Each film will run you $29.99 with the steelbook versions going for $34.99, but you can just wait for Best Buy to run its almost routine sales a month from now. Best Buy also price matches, so keep that in mind.

A bunch of Pixar movies, including Up and A Bug’s Life, come to 4K Blu-ray [Polygon]

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