Disney reveals a film slate full of your dreams


Over the past few years Disney has acquired and developed a collection of film properties and franchises that basically means it owns the world. At Cinema Con the company basically bragged about its upcoming slate of films and it’s basically a money-making, nostalgia-loving nerd orgasm of movies. You can see it in the picture above, but you can get the full run down below. We’ve known about all these release dates before, but seeing it in one line-up is kind of daunting.

There are nine sequels, four book adaptations, three remakes, one film based on a true story, a spin-off, two movies inspired by Disney rides and four original films. What does this show? Basically that Disney will own your money and the box office through 2017. Other than the next Pirates of the Caribbean and possibly the Pete’s Dragon remake there’s nothing to get unexcited about here even if it is all sequels and remakes.

[via i09]

Sequels: Avengers: Age of Ultron, Alice Through the Looking Glass, Finding Dory, GotG 2, Toy Story 4, Pirates of the Caribbean, Captain America 3, Star Wars Episode VII and Star Wars: Episode VIII

Book Adaptations: The Finest Hours, BFG, Ghost in the Shell, Doctor Strange.

Remakes: The Jungle Book, Pete’s DragonBeauty and the Beast.

True Story: Bridge of Spies.

Spin-Off: Star Wars: Rogue One.

Rides: Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and Tomorrowland.

Original: Moana, Inside Out, Zootopia, and The Good Dinosaur.

Matthew Razak
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