Disney reveals launch windows for Marvel Disney+ shows, second season of The Mandalorian


In an earnings call yesterday afternoon, Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed when fans can expect to see the company’s upcoming slate of Disney+ shows. Pretty much everything is set to debut after the summer movie season, likely in an attempt to not cannibalize the ticket sales of Marvel’s films this year. First up is The Falcon and Winter Soldier for August, followed by The Mandalorian Season Two in October, and rounded off with WandaVision in December.

Iger also stated that there will be much more Mandalorian coming after the second season. That could be hinting at spin-offs or possibly shorts, but the CEO didn’t clarify. As well as that, Iger said that the Star Wars universe will be focusing on television productions in between now and whenever the next trilogy launches. Disney clearly isn’t slowing down, even if “fans” are angry.

I kind of expected WandaVision to launch in December. The project was originally slated for 2021 and releasing it in December would still technically count as 2020. That’s kind of a dick move, but I’d also rather Disney take the time to make sure that show is solid. Same goes for Loki, which was conspicuously absent from this earnings call.

As for The Mandalorian, I have a feeling Disney is going to drive that series into the ground. Just call it a hunch, but Iger talking about “more” doesn’t fill me with confidence.

Disney+ Reveals When The Mandalorian Will Return and When Marvel Will Arrive [Gizmodo]

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