Disney rumored to be working on Dragon Ball film


We Got This Covered reports that Disney is working on a film adaption of the world-renowned anime series Dragon Ball. It is said to be a live action film with an all-Asian cast and a hefty budget. No release window has been revealed and Disney has not confirmed the rumor.

This isn’t the first time the series has received the live action movie treatment. In 2009, Fox (now owned by Disney) unleased Dragonball: Evolution upon the world. It currently sits with a 2.5/10 star rating on IMDB

I saw the movie in theaters as a teenager. I went a few weeks after the premiere and was surprised to find I was not alone.  There were probably 3 other people present. This was back before assigned seating became commonplace at cinemas in my area. Right before the movie started, I saw a man walk in with popcorn and a drink. He had a beard, a pony tail, and a newsboy cap on his head. He walked to the front row, carefully counted the exact number of seats and he did the math so that he could have the mathematically center seat. He was determined to be precisely front-and-center for this experience. The film itself was almost entirely forgettable, but I’ll always remember the mega-fan that took the middle seat. I hope he enjoys this new adaptation more than I imagine he enjoyed the 2009 version.

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