Disney’s Beauty and the Beast getting live action treatment


The tale as old as time is getting retold once again as Disney’s massive success with Maleficent (and presumed success with its future live action Cinderella film) has geared them toward an adaptation of one of the more famous Disney animated films, Beauty and the Beast. And the director they’ve chosen is pretty interesting (and might indicate the path Disney wants to take): Bill Condon. 

Bill Condon has directed the final two Twilight films, adaptations of the musicals Dreamgirls and Chicago (which happens to be my favorite non-Grease musical film of all time), and some duds like The Fifth Estate and Candyman 2. While there are no major details yet, given Condon’s past, we might get a more direct adaptation of the original animated musical rather than just mine the fairy tale source material. Either way I’m pretty interested as long as it’s not another Beastly or CW’s Beauty and the Beast. 

And just for funsies, here’s Gaston’s song.

[via Variety]

Beauty and the Beast - Gaston