Disney’s Frozen freezes over Pixar’s dinosaur film date


At D23 this year, one of Pixar’s announced films was an untitled film about a world where dinosaurs didn’t go extinct. Scheduled for a late 2013 release, it had promise (and even its own teaser image). However, news has come out that Disney is releasing a CG-animated film of their own on Pixar’s November 27, 2013 date. The film, an adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen, originally started as a traditional hand-drawn animation, but is now going the route of Tangled, being animated in CG with an adjective-addled title of Frozen.

The story is about a girl, Gerda, attempting to save her friend, Kai, from the Snow Queen’s captivity. Given Disney’s partnership with Marvel, however, I think they can combine properties and perhaps star Emma Frost, the White Queen, into the main antagonist role. If anything, it’d make the film a billion times sexier.

[via Bleeding Cool]