Disney’s live action Beauty and the Beast gets its Gaston and Beast


Live action Beauty and the Beast stories are a dime a dozen. Disney hopes you’ll forget about all those other ones and support their latest live action take on one of their animated stories. Bill Condon (Chicago, Twilight: Breaking Dawn Parts I&II) is set to direct, Emma Watson is currently attached to play Belle, and now we’ve got our Gaston (who used to eat four dozen eggs every morning to get large) and Beast (who now eats five dozen eggs and is roughly the size of a barge). 

Luke Evans is set to play Gaston…which is appropriate since he’s currently the quintessential boring white guy of Hollywood, and Dan Stevens (who most recently starred in one my favorite films last year, The Guest) is playing The Beast. So now I’m much more excited than I was before. Condon has proven he’s great at finding the right one for a story, and if Evans can’t nail Gaston’s swag correctly, at least Dan Stevens will be all hairy and stuff.

Who knows if it’ll be a musical though. I guess we’ll see what Disney’s next live action film Cinderella takes first. 

[via THR]