Disney’s Maleficent gets a release date


Cashing in on the fairy tale craze, Disney has announced the release date for Maleficent, the studio’s retelling of Sleeping Beauty. The film is slated to hit theaters on March 14, 2014, with hopes that a spring date will perhaps magically mimic the success of Disney’s previous spring fairy tale release, Alice in Wonderland, which grossed over $1 billion after its opening in March 2010.

Oh, and the best part of all this? If you weren’t in the know (and don’t worry, I wasn’t at first), Angelina Jolie will be starring as the title villain. Can’t you just see it? The angular features! The look for scorn for all those beneath her! Jolie has always struck me as an actress that could stab you to death with her eyes, and that seems like just the right kind of attitude the role. The film will reportedly explore the origins of the sorceress, and what leads her to curse Aurora.

[Via Hollywood Reporter]