Disney’s streaming service is officially called Disney+, and here’s everything on it


Bob Iger, CEO of Disney and aspiring owner of everything imaginable, confirmed that Disney’s long talked-about streaming service will be called Disney+, or Disney Plus, or what have you. Previously, a report misunderstood the name of the service to be Disney Play, but it looks like the House of Mouse is taking a different naming convention from Google.

Expect to see newer Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel Studios films start to pop up on Disney+ rather than Netflix. Additionally, the acquisition of 21st Century Fox will give Disney a controlling stake in Hulu—Iger has promised that Disney+ and Hulu will still be able to coexist, with Hulu being a home for “general entertainment” and Disney+ for “family fare.”

So let’s try to summarize all of the “family fare” projects that we know of that are coming to Disney+. Take a deep breath, and:

Honestly, just looking at that list is exhausting. After writing numerous stories about streaming services, I have almost completely run out of things to say about them. As many have pointed out, all of these services are splitting the market, somehow turning streaming into a worse alternative to cable TV.

Disney+ is still due to launch in late 2019. Better start saving your money now, lest you incur the wrath of a cartoon mouse.

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