Disney’s Toy Story 4 tops $1 billion gross


For a sequel no one really expected to happen, Toy Story 4 did incredible at the box office. The fourth installment did so well, in fact, that it just grossed $1 billion worldwide as of this week. This continues to be a trend this year for Disney with Toy Story 4 being the fifth film from the dominating studio to reach that mark. As Matthew Razak previously reported, Disney had four films in one weekend last month nearly making that amount. For a sequel that was released almost ten years after Toy Story 3, fans clearly haven’t lost interest in Woody and the gang.

Other Pixar films that hold this title include Finding Dory, Incredibles 2, and Toy Story 3. Disney clearly knows what it’s doing and audiences continue to eat it up. The appetite for sequels could die down, however, so Disney may need to be careful here.

Movie fans should 100% not ignore this huge milestone. Five films in one year making that much money? That is nuts! Sure some of them have been live-action remakes and animated sequels, but we should definitely not overlook something like this.

Toy Story 4 becomes Disney’s fifth film to gross $1 billion this year [Entertainment Weekly]

Tarah Bleier
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