Disney to adapt Hercules for a live-action film


Continuing the trend of adapting their classic animated films, Disney has announced plans to remake the much-loved 1997 Oscar nominee and pillar of Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts franchise, Hercules, as a live-action feature.

With Marvel Cinematic Universe architects Anthony and Joe Russo producing, Hercules will retell the retelling of the canonical Greek legend of Heracles, albeit with less nudity and blood, most-likely. In Disney’s depiction, the titular hero spends his days away from daddy-Zeus and mommy-Hera, whittling away his days in the world of man as a god among… well, men. Nominated for Best Song at the 1998 Academy Awards, the film has cemented itself as a modern classic among Disney’s repertoire.

David Callaham, who worked on the Marvel script for the upcoming Shang-Chi film, will be writing Hercules. It’s unclear whether the live-action take will play to the original’s musical roots.

Last year’s remake of The Lion King was a massive success for Disney at the box office, though some found its strict adaptation of the 1994 animated film to be unnecessary. An adaptation of 1998’s Mulan is wrapped and ready to go, and after some delay due the pandemic should be hitting theaters this July.

For more word on Hercules, keep eyes peeled and swords sharp.

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