Disney to make a movie out of the Matterhorn


You know what was successful? Pirates of the Caribbean. You know what wasn’t successful? Any other movie based off a ride at Disneyland. This apparently isn’t going to deter scriptwriters Jason Dean Hall and Justin Springer, who have been hired to write this potential monstrosity. Currently titled The Hill, the film will be about five kids who find Yetis on top of a mountain. If they’re staying true to the ride, they’ll probably be in the mountain’s little basketball court, hoping for a few minutes of peace from bratty children.

I don’t know about all these upcoming Disney ride movies. The Guillermo Del Toro version of the Haunted Mansion ride could be interesting, but they’re running out of rides with stories. I mean, the Matterhorn is about speed, not about its story. It’s like making a movie out of Space Mountain, except that at least doesn’t ruin your knees if you sit in front.

[Via Total Film News]