Disney to milk 3D cow…in 3D!


If you haven’t heard, the 3D re-release of The Lion King has done pretty well. Not one to ignore massive money magnets, Disney has decided to go ahead and give the 3D treatment to more of its well-established classics. First on the list is Beauty and the Beast for January 2012. Disney’s 2D classics aren’t the only ones on the list, though: Finding Nemo will be next up in September 2012. 2013 will have a similar release schedule, with Monsters Inc. in January and The Little Mermaid in September.

Honestly, it’s a pretty brilliant strategy. Take some movies that everyone already loves, add some 3D, and make the money all over again! There’s really no way they can lose here. I mean, I’m guilty of visiting El Capitan once in a while to watch movies I already own with a small pre-show in a nice building, and those aren’t even in 3D.

[Via THR]