Disney to Shut Down Magic of Animation Attraction this July


Disney recently announced that they would be shutting down the Magic of Disney Animation attraction at its Hollywood Studos theme park on July 12th. The attraction originally opened with the park in 1989 and allowed audiences to watch Disney animators in their natural habitat as they produced hand-drawn content.

In recent years, with Disney moving away from traditional animation more and more, the attraction served as a venue for a workshop that allowed young visitors to learn to draw their favorite Disney characters as well as learning more about how Disney characters and films were produced. An animation gallery that accompanies the attraction is set to remain open through August.

The change comes no doubt as a shift to retool the park and its many attractions. Aside from a new name for the park, Disney corporate is planning on replacing and creating many new attractions, with many Star Wars themed pieces planned.

It’s a shame that even if The Magic of Disney Animation were to remain open, there’s not much that would remain applicable to upcoming films from the studio with an entire roster of CG animated films lined up for the foreseeable future.