Disney Wants More Frozen


It’s fairly safe to say that Frozen is beloved by the Flixist staff. And with good reason! It’s probably one of the best Disney Animation flicks to come out in years. Thankfully, Disney seems to know exactly what to do with their new hit franchise.

Yes, franchise! In an interview with Fortune Magazine, Disney CEO Bob Iger apparently sees Frozen as a roadmap for the future of Disney. “Disney Animation is where it rightfully belongs. It’s not about the bottom line. The bottom line is for the quarter. This is for something bigger and longer,” he said.

“If you think long term about what Disney is and the success and the vitality of the brand, this is a very, very important event.”

Apparently, Frozen has “franchise potential,” which includes toys, theme park stuff, and possibly a sequel? At the very least, Disney is working on a Broadway show. “We’re not demanding speed. We’re demanding excellence,” said Iger when asked about a timeframe.

Well, if they want excellence, they couldn’t have picked a better film. You know what I really want to see? Frozen Revoltechs, in the vein of their Pixar stuff. Yeah, I know Revoltechs aren’t so great, but I want some Frozen merch and people already look at me funny when I buy Transformers. There’s no way I could get away with buying actual dolls!

[Via: Fortune]