Disobedience trailer: no, it’s not the next 50 Shades movie

DISOBEDIENCE | Official Trailer

Take an Orthodox Jewish community in London, add a pair of world-class acting Rachels (Weisz & McAdams) as former lovers, and then a toss in a dash of art-film director on the rise, Sebastián Lelio, and voila, Disobedience.

The trailer, early critical reception, and the novel the film is based on (of the same name, by author Naomi Alderman), promise a powerful narrative filled with emotion and tension. I don’t mean the tension created by some filmmakers–the kind that they beat you over the head with in marketing materials (Exhibit A: Tyler Perry’s latest), but the kind that’s subtly hinted at, that lurks in the periphery waiting to pounce when you least expect it. The good kind.

Intrigued? Yes. Interest level: piqued.

Disobedience premieres in theaters on April 27, 2018.