District 12 is on sale, you should buy it for us


If you have $1.4 million lying around, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve always wanted a town of your own (probably), and now you can. Henry River Mill Village, better known as the location for The Hunger Games‘s District 12, has been put up for sale by its owner, 83-year old Wade Sheperd, who is tired of the young’ns showing up and looking at things.

For the cost, you get 20+ buildings and 72 acres of ugly, dystopian bliss and the possibility of income from all of the people who want to go see where Katiniss’s crazy journey began. That sounds like a pretty awesome deal to me, but I don’t have $1.4 million.

If you do, you should buy it and donate it to Modern Method. Sure, there’s nothing of consequence related to movies, games, toys, or Japan in North Carolina, but we want it anyway. We’ll rename it Modern Methodonia and probably put your name on the sign or something. You know you want to be on our sign.*

Regardless, I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the implications of this sale in terms of the rest of the trilogy. I haven’t read the Hunger Games books, but the fact that Lionsgate hasn’t just up and bought this (they’ve certainly got the money) seems to me to mean that District 12 has no place in Catching Fire or Mockingjay. But that doesn’t make any sense. Then again, maybe I’m reading too much into it, and they’re assuming they can rent the property again from whoever buys it.

[Via The Hollywood Reporter]

*This represents the opinions of the Flixist Staff (or at least Max and me) and does not necessarily represent the opinions of Modern Method or its super-awesome founder Niero. That being said, Niero would probably be cool with it (it’s a free town, who wouldn’t?), but this is a disclaimer just in case.