DKR poster for midnight IMAX shows is bright and hopeful!


I’m going to sit here and be nice and unhappy that all of the legit 70mm IMAX theaters in Los Angeles sold out their midnight tickets for The Dark Knight Rises back in goddamned January, because it means I can’t catch this flick in IMAX like I’ve been planning on since I left the theater for my second time seeing The Dark Knight in IMAX. Now, it’s just salt in the wound with this new poster!

As is becoming the custom with midnight IMAX releases, you can snag a free IMAX poster for The Dark Knight Rises just for showing up early enough! I like how it’s actually a very hopeful, almost inspiring sort of poster, with Batman standing as a literal beacon of hope amidst a Gotham that looks like absolute hell on Earth.

Check it out in the gallery below, and feel free to gloat about getting to see it in IMAX while I can’t. It’s OK. I’m only secretly drawing insidious plans against you for being a stupid dumb jerk.

[Via Collider]