Do you know your film ABC’s


Now if this looks familiar to you, we have shown work done by Stephen Wildish before. His newest work is the “Action Film Alphabet” with the showcasing of numerous action movies. As with his other works, the image from a film and the letter of the alphabet correspond with each other. So take that as a hint if you get stuck trying to name any of these.

I do like his minimalist style, it does make some of these harder to identify than others. I’m not going to lie; there were a couple I had to look up because I wasn’t completely sure what it was. Then I smacked myself on the forehead for not recognizing it sooner.

Check out Wildish’s other works on his Tumblr, and the gallery below for some more of his alphabets if you want to keep on guessing movies. If you want to look up the answers to any of these alphabets, here is the answer key for all the ones he’s done so far.

[via First Showing]