Doctor Strange sequel is finally coming, Scott Derrickson returning to direct


One of the few hiccups on the MCU is Doctor Strange. The movie performed just fine but, unlike other Marvel films, the studio didn’t confirm a sequel right off the bat. In fact, they waited more than two years to announce that a sequel was being made. That’s a big gap for a studio that has their next 20 years supposedly all planned out. Now, much of that might be because of Dr. Strange’s appearance (and subsequent disappearance) in Avengers: Infinity War, but still, plenty of other heroes have had their sequels confirmed despite coming out after that.

The report comes from THR, who also says that Benedict Cumberbatch and Stephen Wong will be returning, and Rachel McAdams is pretty likely to come back too. Director Scott Derrickson has also quietly finalized his contract to return and direct the sequel, which is good because Doctor Strange can get strange, and an experienced and successful hand will help the sequel. Marvel is still, however, looking for a screenwriter to pen the film. Predictions on the plot are pretty hard since Phase 4 is so secretive since Avengers: Endgame hasn’t landed yet. 

It seems that Marvel is looking to shoot the film in 2020 so that we won’t be seeing it until May of 2021. That’s a good long wait, but I’m sure we’ll see more Strange popping up here and there as his mystic arts are a central figure in uniting the Marvel universe. 

For my part, I really enjoyed Doctor Strange for what it was. I’m hoping the sequel can branch out a bit from the “Marvel Origin Movie” cut and paste that plagued the original because there was a lot of cool stuff in the original that got stuck behind setting everything up. My knowledge of Doctor Strange stories isn’t so good either so I’m looking forward to a Marvel film I don’t know the ending to going in. 

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