Dolittle’s trailer proves Robert Downey Jr. is a versatile actor

Dolittle - Official Trailer

For some ungodly reason, Hollywood has decided to make yet another remake of Dr. Dolittle. This time, Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr., will be portraying the famous doctor and we now have a look at how that will play out. Um…I guess he’s an incredibly versatile actor. He can go from being a playboy millionaire to a quiet, subdued doctor. That’s about all I’ve got, though.

This first trailer is like a checklist of every trailer trope. A sappy, slowed down version of a popular song. Barely audible dialogue spoken in a monotone manner. Shots of gratuitous CGI to cue you in to how expensive the whole endeavor is. There’s even a cast list at the end that shows some insanely big talent. Hell, Tom Holland is in the film, making this an unofficial MCU reunion.

I don’t really know what else to say. Dolittle looks pretty terrible. I know Hollywood just cannot let go of remakes, but I’m not sure the tale of Dr. Dolittle needed a comeback after Eddie Murphy tried his hand at it. I’m mostly now reminded that was a thing after having successfully blotted it out of my memory.

Peter Glagowski
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