Dolores and Maeve look to square off in new trailer for Westworld


HBO dropped a new trailer for its upcoming season of Westworld, which returns for its third iteration next month. In the trailer, we’re treated to a Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) narrative and more conversations between her and Caleb (Aaron Paul), with a mounting event shadowed between Dolores and Maeve (Thandie Newton), replete with giant, non-humanoid robots. 

If the previous two seasons taught us anything, it’s that spoken words among the characters have a way of meaning more than initially anticipated. The trailer hints at this while Dolores converses with Caleb. “They put you in a cage, decided what your life would be,” she tells him, before adding “[they] did the same thing to me.” From here, the conversation—and tonal shift of the trailer—turns towards Maeve. 

Also in the trailer is whatever version of Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) that currently exists, Maeve hanging out in WWII-era Europe, The Man in Black (Ed Harris) who now wears white, and a revitalized Bernard (Jeffrey Wright). There’s even a better looking version of the Cybertruck racing around to an instrumental version of “Sweet Child of Mine” in classic Westworld fashion. 

Westworld season three premiers March 15th on HBO.  

Nick Hershey