Don Hertzfeldt plans to edit the “Bill” shorts together


Don Hertzfeldt is a very busy man. The Rejected artist is currently on tour premiering the last of his “Bill” shorts, It’s Such a Beautiful Day, across the United States. Luckily, he was awesome enough to answer a few questions in an interview-like format that I had. One such question involved the status of the “Bill trilogy” (the colloquial term for his latest trilogy of shorts, which consists of Everything Will Be OK, I Am So Proud of You, and the aforementioned It’s Such a Beautiful Day) now that it has reached its completion. Specifically, I asked about a potential re-mastered edit uniting the trilogy into one cohesive feature. Don had this to say about the endeavor:

Yeah, given how weirdly well the three play together now, I think at some point I’ll cut out the end credits of chapters 1 and 2 and stick the three together as an unbroken whole. I’m not sure what I would call the whole unbroken thing though?  Someone suggested the “Billogy” and I really don’t want that to stick.

Fans of Hertzfeldt’s work will no doubt be excited about the potential of the Billogy being released onto one disc. Now if only we can just think of a better name… You can read my full interview with Don, as well as a some other Hertzfeldt-related stuff next week.