Don’t expect more DC movies for at least three years


Warner Brothers has consistently mis-managed DC Comics adaptations for the past twenty years for every property that isn’t Batman. With The Dark Knight Rises poised to make more money than five Bill Gateses smushed together in a Gatesloaf, you won’t be seeing another DC movies from WB other than Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel for at least three years, according to sources at the LA Times. This includes anything from the long-delayed Justice League movie, which is still in scripting stages. While we may be able to get some word of WB’s upcoming schedule for DC movies in the next few months, possibly when Man of Steel is unveiled at Comic-Con this Saturday, that’s still a long, long time to go without DC heroes in theaters. In that time, for reference, Marvel is putting out four new movies, including one with a completely new set of characters, and will be well on their way to Avengers 2

Warner Brothers seems completely incapable of putting together the kind of time and talent Marvel managed for their films, despite having the financial powerhouse that is the Batman franchise on their side. Given how insanely popular superhero movies are this decade, it’s maddening to see so many amazing, top-tier DC characters get completely gypped when it comes to the movies. Hell, even Superman hasn’t had a good movie since 1980, and he’s arguably the best known superhero ever

[Via LA Times]