Don’t watch this Fault in Our Stars trailer


Flixist’s trailer post guidelines require the trailer at the top, with no header. I spent more time than I should have (like 3 minutes) on that crappy Photoshop job, and I want you to see it. Trailer is below. (holy shit that boy’s eyes look fuckin’ dead as hell)

Look, The Fault in Our Stars is a horrible, horrible book. It is perhaps the bottom of the Young Adult barrel, and its grip on the youth of the world is nothing short of a colossal disappointment. And hot damn, this movie looks even worse than the film does! Like…how is that even possible?!

I haven’t seen The Spectacular Now (heard good things), so I don’t know how the creative team is screwing up this badly. Then again, look what they have to work with. The Perks of Being a Wallflower Round Two comes out sometime in June, because looking up the actual date is more effort than its cloying, mawkish, smug, intellectually offensive source material deserves.